Molly Sandén releases her sophomore album ‘Unchained’ the week after next. A largely anticipated album, not just because it’s been three years since the release of her debut, but also because we’re all curious to hear just what she sounds like these days. Today though – clips of each of the tracks are available to listen to online, so we can do just that.

Pleasingly, contrary to popular expectation, the album isn’t full of slow ballads like ‘Spread A Little Light’ and ‘Why Am I Crying’. Don’t get us wrong, we love those songs – but we’ve wanted to hear Molly have a bit of tempo to her for a while now.

‘Unchained’s songs all sound like they could have been written as slow ballads, but in fact have been turned into something else. So we hear songs of heartbreak and songs of moving forward after a relationship (intentional or not, it’s difficult to listen to this album without thinking of her famous break-up a few months back), but all set to a different beat.

It’s difficult to judge, just listening to the clips that we link to below. But we’ve heard some of them in full, and so we’ve finally got to hear that magnificent Molly Sandén voice trill along to dance music, electro synths, and r&b beats. And it’s just as good as we’d imagined it would be. And from the ones we’ve heard – the title track ‘Unchained’ is an early highlight.

You can listen to samples of each of the 11 tracks here.

Incidentally, you can also listen to clips of each of the tracks from the new album of Molly’s label mate, David Lindgren, here.

And both CD’s are available to pre-order from our online store here.

Here are the writer credits for the Molly album. Some of our favourite Swedish songwriters on board;

01 Rollercoaster
Molly Sanden, Aleena Gibson, Elias Kapari
02 Kill This Love
Molly Sanden, Aleena Gibson, Moh Denebi
03 Mirage
Peter Ries, Niklas Petterson, Lutz Weidensdörfer, Jessy Philipp
04 This Party
Molly Sanden,Moh Denebi, Aleena Gibson, Niklas Jarl
05 A Little Forgiveness
Molly Sanden, Aleena Gibson, Robin Fredriksson, Mattias Larsson
06 Unchained
Molly Sanden, Aleena Gibson, Anton Hård af Segerstad
07 Why Am I Crying
Molly Sanden, Windy Wagner, Aleena Gibson
08 Green Light
Molly Sanden, Johan Ramstrom, Patrik Magnusson
09 My Hands Around My Heart
Molly Sanden, Moh Denebi, Aleena Gibson, Jasmine Anderson
10 Spread a Little Light
Molly Sanden, -Fredrik Thomander, Aleena Gibson,
11 Why Am I Crying (Acoustic Version)
Molly Sanden, Windy Wagner, Aleena Gibson


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