So then, this Vanbot lady and her ‘Make Me Break Me’ single that we raved a little bit about earlier in the week…..

You might have liked it, you may have loved it, and you quite possibly made full use of the FREE DOWNLOAD option on the link that we posted. But what next?!

Well the self-titled album is released on April 15th. And now we’ve got some clips of each of the tracks for you to listen to. There are eleven songs in total, and we’ve had the clippage on repeat for a little while today, getting familiar with what’s on offer. And based on the 330 seconds we’ve got to go by, it sounds like ‘Make Me Break Me’ thankfully wasn’t a lucky fluke, and Vanbot is somebody to get quite excited about after all. Hooray! The album sounds like it’s going to be a great little exercise in Scandinavian electro pop music.

You can judge for yourself by listening to all clips here.

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