Morten Harket returned over the weekend with a brand new single which he premiered at the Spellemann Awards in Stavanger in his native Norway. It’s called ‘Brother’, and he also released the song throughout Scandinavia on Saturday.

‘Brother’ sees him move away from the more dancepoptastic sound of his previous album ‘Out of My Hands’, and its singles. This one’s a ballad for starters. An indiepop ballad that creeps and builds slowly and softly before winning you over with an understated yet quietly strong melody. And that winning over can of course also be attributed to the fact that it’s being delivered by Morten Harket’s inimitable and legendary pop vocal.

‘Brother’ is also rumoured to be the title of his forthcoming album.

You know us by now, so it will be no news to you that we in truth prefer what we heard on his last album. However, ‘Brother’ is an impressive beauty in itself. And we love that Morten is still making and releasing pop as frequently as he has been over the past few years. ‘Out of My Hands’ was a great album and we’re looking forward to listening to the new one too.

Below you can listen to both the studio version of ‘Brother’, and watch his live performance from the Spellemann Awards.


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