Denmark’s first and foremost soulpop artist Nabiha has this week released a brand new single. It’s ‘Animals’. And it’s well up there with her usual standard. So that’s good.

‘Animals’ is a bit darker than what we’re used from Our Nabs. She descends into grimey r&b with an electronic edge. It’s a bit dirty – in a good way. The whole thing is lightened up intermittently by the arrival of the chorus however. A melodic oasis in a baron wasteland of thirsty beats – or something to that effect. And it’s on the chorus that we get to hear Nabiha’s trademark LET RIP vocals. On the rest of the song we get to hear her growl. And we kind of like it.

‘Animals’ was released on Monday on iTunes and Spotify. In Denmark and Norway only. *cringe*


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