Danish dance music icon of modern times Nadia Gattas has got a scorcher of a new track out. One which we hope has been “tearing up” the dance floors of Denmark over the last couple of months, and one which actually would stand a fair chance of doing something similar over here in the UK if it got given half the chance. It’s ‘Someone Like You’.

It sounds like one of those many songs that have made it to number 1 in the UK over the past eighteen months, that we like, but that we can’t differentiate artist name or featured vocalist from one to the other. Yeah, those.

Commercial beach house music that goes off quite wonderfully, and with a deep soulful vocal to bring it back down to earth. This one’s infectiously huge – a proper bop-a-long.

It’s been two whole years since we last wrote about Nadia. Christ! Well it’s jolly good to have her back.

Here – have a listen via Spotify or YouTube;

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