The almighty Nanne is back with a brand new single released today, AND a brand new album coming in January. This excites us a great deal. Not just because it’s a new album from Nanne, but also because she’s chosen to call the album ‘DRAMAQUEEN’. And yes – the capitalisation is artist’s own. Amazing.

The new single released today is ‘Ingen Dansar Dåligt (Lika Bra Som Jag)’. And it’s basically a typical Nanne song – the kind of Nanne song that made us fall in love with Nanne all those years ago. And the type of song that only Nanne could get away with doing these days. Or would want to do these days.

So all classic Nanne trademarks are here. An electrorock number that packs as much camp energy as is possible into a three minute pop song. She sings and roars her way through the song while simultaneously sounding like she’s having the lark of her life in the recording studio. And she delivers the old-skool pop chorus with audible glee. Glam rock meets schlager. Like a Marc Bolan tribute that’s been commissioned as a Melodifestivalen interval act. Thank Christ this woman is still making pop music, and is giving her audience precisely what we want from her. ‘DRAMAQUEEN’ is only going to go one way isn’t it? Incredible.

‘Ingen Dansar Dåligt (Lika Bra Som Jag)’;

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