The final touches are being put into the latest treat that’s about to be bestowed on us from Elin Lanto! The video for her new single ‘Love Made Me Stupid’ was filmed last week, and it’ll be released later in the year – ahead of her long awaited new album which will be released early next year (around March 🙂 ). We say long awaited because it’s already had three stellar singles released from it. ‘Speak N Spell’, ‘My Favourite Pair Of Jeans’, and especially ‘Discotheque’ have each been amazing pieces of electro dance pop. ‘Discotheque’ is probably one of our favourite songs of the last few years, and so we’ve been looking forward to this album for quite some time.

We’ve heard ‘Love Made Me Stupid’ and are very happy to confirm that it’s like a twin sister to ‘Discotheque’. It’s dance music that’s full of dramatic synths and strings, very club orientated, and with a massive hook for a chorus. Wonderful stuff! Here’s a photo from the video shoot;

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