Danish singer Oh Land has this week announced details of her new album. ‘Wish Bone’ will be the third long player from her, and released in September. And with the news comes a new song – ‘My Boxer’!

It follows up from the lead single released in May, ‘Renaissance Girls‘. Although there’s no word yet on whether or not ‘My Boxer’ is a single. For now it’s just a taster.

And an acquired taste at that. Even if you’re a big fan of Oh Land already, this one’s a bit WTF at first. But on already the second listen it all starts to settle in, as some sort of Scandielectro take on Gwen Stefani’s usual swag. And it’s a lot catchier than you first suspect it will be.

Produced by Dan Carey, and written by Dan and the lady herself – Nanna Øland Fabricius. What an interesting ‘era’ this ‘Wish Bone’ malarkey is already turning out to be.


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