Now that the single is making it big in Germany, Ola gave a grand performance of ‘I’m In Love‘ at on German TV show The Dome 64 earlier today.

Surprisingly, given that the track has been out since early summer, and since he’s had ample opportunity to perform it on the cacophony of musical themed television shows that Sweden churns out over the summer season, today was actually the first TV performance that Ola has done of ‘I’m In Love’. In fact, it’s actually the first time we’ve seen him perform on television in around a year and a half. And while it’s been clear since then that he’s grown a lot as an artist, now we can see that he’s also grown quite a lot as a performer.

Shame on the producers of The Dome for that abhorrent, headache inducing, shoddy camera work though. We would quite liked to have watched the performance from the perspective of an audience viewer, rather than a dreg fuelled mosquito flying from light to light.

I'm in Love - Single - Ola


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