We wrote about this BIG TUNE a week ago, along with some footage of him performing it live at a couple of festivals around Europe. But yesterday heralded the arrival of the new single from Ola, ‘Maybe’. The single was released in Sweden, where it shot straight into the top 3 on Swedish iTunes.

Here’s what we’ve written about the song itself already.

And the full studio version is even better obvs. ‘All Over The World’ aside, this may well be the best thing that Ola has ever released.

Oh hang on, no – ‘All Over The World’ AND ‘Natalie’ aside. Yes, ‘Maybe’ is the third best thing he’s ever released. But who knows what time will do to its position in that particular ranking. What we do know is that this impending album of his is going to be brilliant. Game changing.  There is no other alternative. Did you hear that Ola? Don’t fuck it up.



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