So then, Ola Svensson today announced what his next single in Sweden will be. And it’s one of our favourites from last year’s self-titled album – it’s ‘RIOT’! The electropop gem gets its Swedish release on April 13th.

It’s a very exciting time for dear Ola. There are big things happening for him in the UK right now with his previous Swedish single, ‘All Over The World’. We’ve been asked not to write about them just yet, but if you’re living in the UK then you may well have already heard the song being played by Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1 a few times, and you might also have seen the video getting heavy rotation on Dance Nation TV (it’s currently averaging 30 plays per week on that channel alone!!!). So here’s hoping that ‘All Over The World’ becomes the next Swedish breakthrough pop hit in the UK. All the omens are certainly in place for now anyway.

For now though, back to Sweden, and back to ‘Riot’;

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