Just when you think he can’t get any better than with the likes of ‘Maybe’ and ‘Jackie Kennedy’, along comes Ola with the third single in three months (or thereabouts) to make us go ERM…WOW. He released brand new single ‘Tonight I’m Yours’ in Sweden today, along with the also quite exceptional video.

A tremendous pop song that surprisingly has more in common with his own ‘All Over The World’ from back in 2010, than it does with his recent hits. Dreamy, tuneful dancepop with a heavy dose of the strings. It appears that Ola is the perfect pop star in that he can not only go ‘edgier’ in an attempt to evolve his sound, and yet without sounding shit, but also he can go right back to his pop roots without a care in the world for what any detractors may have to say about that. On the strength of ‘Maybe’, ‘Jackie Kennedy’, and now especially ‘Tonight I’m Yours’, Ola is basically the best male popstar on the planet in 2013. This new ‘Carelessly Yours’ album cannot come soon enough.

‘Tonight I’m Yours’ was written by Ola alongside Alexander Kronlund, Shellback, Patrik Berger, Dimitri Stassos, Max Grahn, and Kristofer Östergren.

The video, as well as being cinematographic-tastic (and inspired by The Royal Tenenbaums apparently – how many pop vids can boast THAT?), also has an intro which serves as an extended intro to the song using only strings. Beautiful, melodic, atmospheric strings. And strings make good pop even better. That’s just a fact of life.

Watch and listen to this magnificent piece of art;



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