It’s high-quality-debut-single-from-an-exciting-new-Swedish-artist time again here at Scandipop. Paloma, and her first single ‘The Essence’

It’s the whole Scandielectropop thing done a little differently. ‘The Essence’ has essences (!) of squelchy synths, nursery rhyme melodies, and a start-stop beat that reminds us a lot of Robyn’s ‘Who’s That Girl’. The playfulness of its tone is the most charming thing about it. Plus those aforementioned nursery rhyme melodies result in something ridiculously catchy. And the comparison to ‘Who’s That Girl’ was always gonna translate into something hugely listenable too.

Paloma has done all of this herself – producing, writing, singing. And she promises a debut EP soon.

Honestly, we’ve been doing this website for almost five years now, but we can’t remember a time like the last few months where we’ve written about so many promising debut singles. Somehow, the Scandis are getting even better at this old music lark!

‘The Essence’ was released on Wednesday this week, and outside of Sweden too – iTunes link below the stream should it tickle your fancy.

The Essence - Single - Paloma


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