September today dropped the video for her ’Party In My Head’ single – a track which has been a big hit in Sweden in 2011, taking up something of a residency on the iTunes chart throughout the duration of the summer and well into autumn.

It’s her US label, Robbins Entertainment, that premiered the video on their YouTube channel, as ‘Party In My Head’ has just been released as a single over there too.

The video sees September adorning big screens splashed across New York city (as it should be, if you ask us). And she’s joined by a plethora of fellow peeps, also enjoying their own parties in their respective heads. What will all the New York scenery and that “every single DJ is inside me” lyric, it really is like a veritable Sex & The City episode!

In other September news, the release of ‘Me & My Microphone’ FINALLY gets an official release date in the UK – a whole year after ‘Mikrofonkåt’ first bewitched Sweden. It comes out on UK iTunes on Sunday December 4th.

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