Sugarcoated Swedish popstar Paulina Starborn is out and about with a brand new single and video, ‘Can You Feel My Heartbeat’. Oh yes we can, Paulina. Oh yes we can.

Pure pop. Buzzing with artificial flavours, colourings, and E numbers. And as such, we were buzzing after only one listen, and helplessly went back for another fix mere minutes later. It’s pop music dressed up for a night at the clubs, but soon finds itself with a pink cocktail spilled down its front after some overzealous dancing.

Today she released the video for the single. And one can’t help but imagine while watching and listening, that if Anna Kumble were still releasing singles and videos in 2013 as Lolly, they would be looking and sounding a lot like this.

‘Can You Feel My Heartbeat’ is Paulina Starborn’s third single, after ‘Never Gonna Let Me Go‘ and ‘Summer Night‘. Like the finest cheddar, ‘Can You Feel My Heartbeat’ is a great deal more mature than the previous two. But we’re still talking a hell of a lot of cheese here. Give us extra helpings please.

Can You Feel My Heartbeat - Single - Paulina Starborn


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