We like this.

Pink, plastic, sugary, girly Scandipop!

It’s ‘Never Gonna Let Me Go’ – the debut single from Swedish singer and celeb Paulina Starborn. You might remember we wrote about her last year, when she was part of the girlband Hollywood Dolls. They’ve disbanded now though, and Paulina’s on her own.

‘Never Gonna Let Me Go’ is the purest of pop, and the most saccharine overloaded dosage of sweetness. Don’t let its plastic sheen put you off though. At the heart of it all is a jolly good pop song. Yes, it’s been done many times before. But not enough people are doing it these days for our liking.

It’s Barbie on a budget.

The video is just the sort of thing you want from a song like this too. Glam girls, choreography, nightclub, hot guy.

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