Swedish popstrel Paulina Starborn has today released a new single and video – and it’s her best one yet! ‘Paint Me’.

Sublime dancepop with a super catchy chorus and a well produced sexy synth backing.

Personally, we think it’s a bit filthy. “paint me with all the rainbow colours”, “use your brush all over me”, “paint me all over my body”, “don’t be shy, paint all night” . That’s spunk she means, right? She may claim innocence but that is pure filth in our book. And we love it.

‘Paint Me’ was written by Linda Sonnvik and Andre Moraru. The absolute fiends.

This is Paulina Starborn sounding her best – both vocally, and also in terms of the song. We want these three to hook up more often and put every sordid detail into song.

‘Paint Me’;


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