Remember that Swedish summertime popsicle song that we previewed the week before last – ‘Summer Night’ by Paulina Starborn? Well it’s now arrived in full.

You can get your listening gear around it via the stream below, and while you’re at it, can cock your eye at the accompanying video.

This post is more to rave about the fact that you can now listen to the song in full though, rather than to herald the arrival of an audiovisual masterpiece. The video is about as accomplished and triumphant as one’s appearance and mood after a rainy day at the beach. So if you’re the type who would allow a less than fantastic video spoil your enjoyment of what’s quite a fantastic song such as ‘Summer Night’, then it’s probably for the best that you don’t watch.

On the other hand though, if like us you’ve got an unquenchable thirst for devouring cheap, hot messes of pop culture – then get a load of this;


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