Peter Jöback is this year celebrating the ten year anniversary of his now classic Christmas album ‘Jag Kommer Hem Igen Till Jul’. And in doing so, he’s repackaged and re-released the album, which now contains three extra Christmas tracks PLUS brand new, specially composed single ‘Jul Nu Igen’. Marvellous.

Like every other Scandipopstar this year, his Christmas single is a ballad. But it’s a good ballad, at that. Warm, rousing, and with just the right amount of seasonal melancholia so as not to over egg any Christmas puddings. Peter’s a pro when it comes to winter singles, and this is another triumph of his.

The original version of his ‘Jag Kommer Hem Igen Till Jul’ album is available in our online store at a snip of a price. Just putting that out there. Here though, is brand new single ‘Jul Nu Igen’, composed by Niclas Frisk and Andreas Mattsson. He performed it live on Nyhetsmorgon on Sunday morning. The single has also been released outside of Sweden too, iTunes link below the vid.


Jul nu igen - Single - Peter Jöback


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