Petra Marklund: ‘Förlorad Värld’ (new single mix)

Petra Marklund: ‘Förlorad Värld’ (new single mix)

Petra Marklund has got a new single to be taken from her mega successful ‘Inferno’ album. And perhaps because of the album’s aforementioned mega successfulnessness, she’s given the song a brand new single mix.

She’s gone with ‘Förlorad Värld’. A particularly Coldplay-esque cut from ‘Inferno’ that both her and her fans seem to have taken a liking to, as it’s the one she’s performed most of all (bar the other two singles) on her TV appearances. Personally, it was one of our least favourites on the album, but that all changed when we saw her perform it live on her recent tour. It all made much more sense as a good song, as up-close and personal live performances are intended for really.

This new single mix gives it a fresh tinkering with. Very much in the same vein as the original, despite pretty much re-producing the whole thing. And it’s a lot shorter now, and more ‘radio friendly’. Not that radio have had any kind of aversion to playing any other tracks from ‘Inferno’.

You can listen to the new version below, by skipping to the 16:19 mark on the player.

And if you’ve yet to pick up her ‘Inferno’ album, what the bloody hell are you waiting for? It’s available to those outside of Sweden via our store.

Förlorad Värld - Inferno

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