Most of the IT professional know about the importance of ITIL certification courses. To have a better career in the IT field, certifications become a necessity. ITIL is one of the best approaches to this and is one of the certifications that are accepted in the companies all around the world. ITIL certifications are of different kinds and provide validation for different skill sets in the individuals. One of the first ITIL certification an IT individual looks for is ITIL V3. As the name suggests, this is an entry pass that is given to the IT Professionals who can pass the certification exam.

This article will focus on ITIL V3 Foundation certification and how it can be advantageous for your career as an IT Professional. If you are planning to getITIL V3 Foundation certification, this article will be of a lot of help to you.

ITIL V3 Foundation Certification in A Nutshell

ITIL V3 Foundation is the entry level cert that is given to the qualified IT professionals. This certification is given to the professionals who have the basicknowledge of the key concepts, terminologies and elements used in ITIL lifecycle. It is the entry level certificate and is a perquisite in getting the other certificates provided by ITIL.

ITIL Certification is both necessary and helpful for the individuals and companies. It helps in managing the business risks and creates a cost efficient system. There are numerous advantages of getting certified which has been listed below.

How to Get?

Getting ITIL Certification is easy. The candidates have to pass ITIL V3 Foundation exam. The applicanthas to score 65% marks in the test and can get certified. The exam consists of 40 questions that one must solve in less than 60 minutes. You will need to get at least 26 questions right so that you can be certified. The candidates have to register at the official website where they can get their voucher code. This is valid for six months and the exam can be scheduled at any time.

The exam can be taken offline as well as online. The ways in which you can appear for the exam vary from country to country and can be seen on the official website. The exam results are announced within 15 days of giving the exam.

After passing ITIL V3 Foundation certification exam, you will become eligible for ITIL Practitioner exam and much more.

Advantages of ITIL V3 Foundation Certification

As said above, there are lots of advantages of getting ITIL Certified. The foundation certification can bring many positive changes in your IT Career. Some of the major advantages of getting ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate are:

  • Stand Out in The Crowd

When you get ITIL V3 Foundation Certification, you will stand out from the crowd of the other IT professionals. With ITIL V3, you will be a better choice than the ones who do not have the expertise for this certification. You will also be considered better during the interviews and other places where this certification is required.

  • Valid All Over the World

ITIL certifications are valid all over the world. Big institutions such as NASA, IBM, Microsoft, HSBC and much more have adopted ITIL Certifications. Hence the certified individuals have the job chances in these big organizations all around the world.

  • Validation for Your Experience

In most of the IT jobs, experience does not matter unless the professional has a certification to prove it. Hence ITIL Certificate will be a proof for your experience and expertise in the field. This will again be a certification that will get you instant job offerings and will land you better jobs.

  • Better Opportunities Within the Organization

The person who has ITIL v3 Foundation Certificaiton Exams is always proffered in the organization. The reason is that the professional has better knowledge of things and can handle processes and problems with much better understanding and efficiency. If you get certified, you will be able to get promotions and will be able to handle the business and company in a better way.

  • Improved Efficiency

Getting ITIL Foundation Certificate means that you will need to gain knowledge in the field and only then you will be able to pass the exam. With this certification, you will gain knowledge which will help you to enhancing the quality of your work. The pace of your work and your work style will also considerably become better.

  • Investment for The Future

This certification is an investment for the future. Since this certification is required for you to gain the higher level certificates, it becomes a necessity. Additionally, it is very important for the IT Professionals to get certified so that they can have many more opportunities in the future.

  • Better Customer Satisfaction

With the knowledge that has been gained from ITIL Foundation certification, you will be able to provide a better service to your customers. With the knowledge you gain, you will be able to provide many other services. If you have your own business, V3 Foundation cert going to help you to gain many more customers and in targeting a bigger audience,

These are some of the main advantages of getting certified. The other important advantages include better knowledge and understanding of the process responsibilities and improving the output, improvement in communication, better business understanding and much more. All in all, this certification is an important step in getting you a better reputation and a job in the IT Sector.


After looking at all the advantages of ITIL V3 Foundation certification, it is clear that this is the most important certificates that any IT professional need if they are looking to have a successful career in the field. This is the first step in getting the other ITIL Certifications and proving your skill set. For a better future and a better career in the IT Field, it is important you score well in ITIL certification exam and score a good percentage so that you can get qualified and certified.

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