You will recall seriously super Swedish poplet, Beldina, from her strikingly splendiferous single, ’Here We Go’ earlier this year. Should your memory need refreshing, it’s here for reference and repeated listening. Well she’s now lent her vocals to another delectable dance track and is aggressively forcing us to fall in love with her all over again. Not that we’re complaining. Not in the slightest.

The song is called ‘Good Times Come Back’ (how apt – with this song, they HAVE come back!), and it’s a collaboration between her and Rasmus Faber. It’s a piano house number, but not so hard with it, it’s actually quite light. And it’s hugely summery. And it’s VERY good. Beldina sounds like she’s singing through an enormous smile for most of it. And subconsciously, when it seems as though the singer’s enjoying singing it, thus as listeners we find that we enjoy listening to it more too.

The song and video are below. And if you haven’t seen the vid for Beldina’s aforementioned ‘Here We Go’, DO click on the link above – it’s a beauty.

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