Denmark’s biggest male popstar of the last half decade or so, returned to the fore this week to much fanfare (well, domestic fanfare anyway). Rasmus Seebach and his first new single in an age, ‘Olivia’.

For ‘Olivia’, he’s toned down the massive synth rave-ups that created incredible tunes (and enduring hits) for him like ‘Natteravn’ and ‘Sirenerne’. And instead, he’s gone down the mid-tempo, piano ballad route. One with heavy r&b influences. And one with a great deal of cracking good melody thrown in for the journey. It’s a beautiful production, complimented by his usual rose/thorn, soft/rough vocal delivery thing that he always has going on.

Naturally, it went straight to number 1 on Danish iTunes upon its release, and has remained there ever since.

‘Olivia’ has been released outside of his native Denmark too.



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