Swedish pop duo RAW returned today with a brand new single. Although you’ll obviously be noticing above that they are no longer a duo, but a trio instead. And that’s because their producer Silvae has now officially joined the group. He’ll be DJ-ing behind them at gigs etc. And evidently adding a bit of handsome-man-factor into the mix.

‘We Own The Night’ is the new single from the girls (and now boy), and it really picks up where previous singles ‘U Sexy Wo-Ho’ and ‘Back To The 90s’ left off. And by that we mean it consists of an absolutely mental dancepop production that jolts all over the place, while our two female vocalists Celina and Elin attempt to throw down a fierce top-line over it, all while sounding like they’re very much relishing the challenge. ‘We Own The Night’ is a tad more commercial than its predecessors though, largely thanks to a huge melodic chorus that the girls are able to belt out with yet more joy. So the song gets to be as bonkers as it wants to be, all while being reigned in by that anchor of a traditional pop chorus. It’s their best single to date.

And the trio want you to hear it, so they’ve allowed us to stream the whole song in all it’s glory. Here you go;

[audio:https://www.scandipop.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/We-Own-The-Night.mp3|titles=We Own The Night]

‘We Own The Night’ is out now and has also been released outside of Sweden too.


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