‘On And On’ by Agnes has been given an extreme makeover – in both the audio and visual senses. Last year it was the first single in Sweden from her ‘Dance! Love! Pop!’ album. It was an extremely popular song that earned Agnes a lot of new fans, fans who then went on to investigate the album and thus discovered ‘Release Me’ too. As we all know now, ‘Release Me’ went on to launch her throughout the rest of the world, becoming a massive summer hit. It’s currently being launched in the US, with a new video in the works. But whilst the US is only just getting the treat that is ‘Release Me’, other territories are looking towards the follow up. ‘On And On’ was widely expected to be the second single in the UK, in fact it was confirmed to be earlier in the summer. But instead, a remix of ‘I Need You Now’ will be released in the UK in November. Everywhere else is getting ‘On and On’ though – although it’s not the version we all know by now.

It’s been remixed and given a fresh sound for autumn 2009. The new version is slightly darker. They don’t seem to have stripped away much at all, which is good. And they haven’t really added anything either. It’s a subtle difference. Personally, we prefer the near flawless original, but it’s good to have a new edit. And it certainly doesn’t ruin the song in any way. It’s also been given a new, flashier video. The original video mustered the opinion that it was either interesting or odd, depending on whether you were a glass half full or glass half empty person! But this new one is much easier on the eye. It features Agnes looking prettier than ever, in a variety of outfits, poses, and struts. There’s even some silhouette/lazer shots – paying homage to the best part of the original ‘Release Me’ video. We hope all this original/new ‘On And On’/’Release Me’ business doesn’t end up confusing everyone, or even Agnes herself. It’s an odd state of affairs to be honest, but it does demonstrate that a lot of different record labels in a lot of different territories are putting 100% behind Agnes and her music – which is all fine by us!

Here’s the new vid;

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