Rikke Lie: ‘Better Off’

Norwegian songstress, Rikke Lie, has a new single and video out. And we just so happen to like them, so let’s talk about it.

The song is called ‘Better Off’ and is a wistful piano ballad about sweeping heartbreak aside and looking on the positive side, as difficult as that may be. What we like most about it (and here’s where our cheesy pop credentials shine through unashamedly) is that the melody sounds like that of a reality tv show winner’s single. Back when they were good anyway, and not just rubbish cover versions. And that reference is quite fitting to use with Rikke Lie also, as she herself found fame in Norway’s edition of X Factor. ‘Better Off’ is hugely uplifting, and it’s got a gorgeous dose of strings thrown in at the end. Bliss!

As for the video, well it’s not so much a hot mess, more just a mess. No really, it’s literally a mess – the set is that of a room that’s been turned upside down after a heated argument! Rikke starts off by lying helplessly in the midsts of it all, but by the end of it, she’s bashing away at the piano like the strong soul she really is. There’s also a weird storyline going on between some animated fridge magnets (seriously), but we don’t really know what to say about that…

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