Six months ago Norwegian X Factor alumni, Rikke Lie, came out with a new single, ‘Good Girl’. It had a pretty video, she’s got a cool voice, and she looks fantastic, but ‘Good Girl’ just wasn’t our cup of tea at all. It was a trifle too twee perhaps. Wishy washy guitar pop – loved by many of course, but just not our thing.

Now however, things have just got interesting for ‘Good Girl’. It’s been given a complete makeover courtesy of a brand new remix by Cassette Culture. And what they’ve done with it is turned it into a brilliant piece of electro tunage. It’s down-tempo and dreamy stuff. Electro music to chill out to and get lost in. And we think that it’s a MUCH better incarnation of the song than its original edit. Totally different, like a brand new song even. All we’re waiting for now is for someone on the web-o-sphere to sync this new remix with that pretty video we mentioned earlier, and ALL will be right!

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