Norwegian popsicle and X Factor alumni, Rikke Lie, is out and about with a brand new single – ’Such A Lovely Day’.

We like Rikke Lie, she’s nice. ‘Such A Lovely Day’ is also a generous helping of nice. As that song title suggests, it’s the embodiment of the feel good lyric, the gleeful vocal, and whatever music was deemed fitting to portray this lovely day that Rikke Lie sings of. There’s some breezy guitar in the mix, an uplifiting dosage of strings, and a sugary sprinkling of summary sounds. Listening to the song by itself is a pleasant and enjoyable experience in itself. But when coupled with the video?….
It’s positively POP PROZAC!

No cliché is left unused – frolics through a park surrounded by trees in full blossom, being lifted up and spun around by a tall and handsome Scandinavian hunk, and cycling around with a puppy in the bike’s basket! All this while the sun shines down on her curly locks, and she changes between a floral frock and a virginal white lacey number. It’s RIDICULOUSLY cheesy. But we love it!

Doctors should start prescribing this;

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