Finland is doing the whole Teen Pop thing quite well at the moment. But before there was Isac Elliot there was Robin. Remember him? You’d be forgiven for not wanting to. In hindsight, that ‘Frontside Ollie‘ malarkey was quite annoying. Well, Robin is back and he’s no longer annoying. Although he still fits into the Teen Pop bracket – he’s a wise old 15 years of age now.

He recently launched his big comeback single in Finland (yes, we know it seems ludicrous to call a 15 year old’s new single a comeback single, but his first album era genuinely was quite some time ago). And with it he’s become bigger than ever. Rightly so too. ‘Boom Kah’ is a tune.

It’s a delightfully fresh attempt to reinvigorate the Teen Pop sound. Slightly more mature, but still quirky and poptastic enough to appeal to its core audience. There’s nothing generic about ‘Boom Kah’. There’s plenty that’s bizarre about it, there’s a great deal that’s a little bit brilliant about it, but nothing that’s stale or lazy. And for that we salute it. Teens and pre-teens deserve good pop music too. And in Finland, Robin has served it up to them with this catchy and upbeat number that will also no doubt appeal to lots of twentysomethings, thirtysomethings, and beyond. If they’re completely honest with themselves, that is.

Number 1, 1.5 millions YouTube views so far, blah blah blah. The Finns have responded with gratitude. It’s going down well.



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