So Robyn’s new single ‘Dancing On My Own’ is now universally predicted to be a little bit huge. It’s got the beauty of ‘The Girl & The Robot’, the lyrical genius of ‘Be Mine’, and the lush melodies of ‘With Every Heartbeat’ calibre. It’s a stunning track, and the perfect comeback single for Robyn. Indeed, the 8 track album is as wonderful sounding now as it was when it was fresh mid last month. And in the UK at least, both BBC Radio 1 and The Guardian are already onboard.

That’s all very well of course, but wouldn’t it be great if Robyn went and released a hands-in-the-air, cheesy dance pop song? Well she actually kiiiiind of has. For ‘Dancing On My Own’ comes complete with a Buzz Junkies remix! We were astounded to learn this, as they aren’t the usual sort of remixers she goes for. And before the Buzz Junkies announcement, it was the very different Chew Fu remix that everyone was talking up. We’re not sure how deeply Robyn would cringe at this, but she sounds great when accompanied by commercial house (see also the Moto Blanco remix of ‘Dream On’)!

Most importantly of all of course, is the fact that the Buzz Junkies remix is actually just as good as you would have hoped. In parts it sounds like a 2002 summer hit from AATW, there are 80’s bits that sound like they’ve been nicked from Divine’s ‘You Think You’re A Man’, and the backing riff throughout most of it sounds like a trance reimagining of the riff from Mason’s ‘Exceeder’.

As we said, we do love the song in its original form. But this is so great to have alongside it, for the pop fan with the lower taste threshold!

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