Oh. My. Word!

Just when we all thought we couldn’t take any more moments of genius from Robyn, after the incredible new tracks from ‘Body Talk Pt3’ leaked, along she comes with a brand new remix of her current single, ‘Indestructible’, and forces us our jaws to drop one last time over this whole Body Talk campaign. It’s the A-Trak radio edit, and it’s by far the most commercial, and as it happens – best, remix of ‘Indestructible’ she’s given us. The electro pop backing merges perfectly with the topline melodies and compliments them as they deserve. And it also pays quite a great deal of homage towards the acoustic version of ‘Indestructible’ that we got on the ‘Body Talk Pt2’ album – there are those strings aplenty.

It’s all very WOW indeed!

Indestructible (A-Trak radio edit) by robyn

Oooh, also, later this week we have a Robyn exclusive coming up on scandipop, courtesy of UK music tv channel, Chart Shot TV. So keep ’em peeled!

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