Så Mycket Bättre has returned to Swedish television screens – and thus the pages of scandipop!

Last year was really all about one breakout star of course, and the only one that we were interested in too – September. This year’s eclectic line-up of artists include Tomas Ledin, Timbuktu, Eva Dahlgren, Mikael Wiehe, and Laleh. But over the coming weeks, we’ll be focusing our attention on Lena Philipsson and E-Type.

The opening episode last night saw the group of acts take on the back catalogue of Tomas Ledin. You can find all of the performances on TV4’s Så Mycket Bättre page here, and already the studio versions are up on both Spotify and WiMP.

Lena Philipsson didn’t disappoint. Out she flounced with her signature stage presence, and performance steps. She did ‘Sensuella Isabella’, giving the track an electropop makeover in the same style of her musical output from the mid noughties. And her delivery was suitably seductive. It was a trademark Lena Ph performance in every way.

E-Type performed ‘Sommaren Är Kort’, turning the song into a Bob Sinclair-esque, guitar heavy, dance track. The whole thing was drenched in cheese, but that’s pretty much what we want from E-Type. Vocally he had a lot of help from a female vocalist – as he does in most of his signature singles. And if you listen to the studio recording of the song, you’ll hear his vocals transformed by that familiar E-Type vocoder.

Those performances;



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