We found this stunner of a soul ballad on Swedish radio station P3’s website over the weekend. It was a bit of a stop-in-your-tracks moment. And today saw the video get a release It’s the debut single from Swedish singer Sabina Ddumba – ‘Scarred For Life’.

Starting off as an icy and atmospheric track, it soon becomes a warmer and more comforting sound thanks to the melody and Sabina’s rich vocal. That warmth is certainly not down to the lyrics however. “Cuts are getting depper. You really fucked me up this time. I just can’t stop bleeding. Baby I am scarred for life”. That’s the chorus. Major sad face.

Based in Stopckholm, and still involved in the Tensta Gospel Choir, ‘Scarred For Life’ is looking (and sounding) like Sabina’s BIG launch.

‘Scarred For Life’ is out now, and HAS indeed been released outside of Sweden too. Here’s the song and video;



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