This came out today. Box fresh dancepop music that’s been skillfully crafted by Swedish producers, and perfectly fronted by a Swedish lady singer. Samuell & John Marcus (them), featuring Vicky D (her) – ‘Out Of Time’.

We think this one works well because it is poptastic enough to appeal to the pop side of our brain (which makes up approximately 75% of matter), and clubtastic enough to appeal to the dance side (12%, down in the basement). It’s euphoric, it’s hands-in-the-air, and quite frankly our only gripe with it was that they decided to release it on a Wednesday rather than a Friday. Because it is precisely the kind of song we always scramble for on Spotify come 2pm on a Friday afternoon. Well, 11am. Sometimes as early as 9am. Depending on what’s gone on the night before.

Vicky D is the one and only Victoria Dogan out of Swedish Idol, Victoria och Laurence, and THIS wedding reception themed cheese board of a song. <3

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