Sanna Nielsen loves herself a good Christmas album doesn’t she? Her career has been littered (for want of a better word) with them over the last couple of decades, and this year unsurprisingly, she’s released a new one. ‘Min Jul’.

What’s more surprising, is that she has any Christmas songs left to cover. And so on this new album, as well as the standards, there are also a few brand new compositions too. Including what is her brand new single – ‘Julen Närmar Sig’.

It’s a festive ballad, naturally (although we’d love to hear her get her ‘One More Sleep’ on – but perhaps that can be a cover for her next Christmas album). It’s a really pretty track, one of those warming winter wonders that makes staying indoors on a cold night all the more bearable. And of course with it being Sanna, she delivers it beautifully. Sanna can go on releasing all the Christmas albums she wants to (and she will), and we shan’t grumble so long as we get cracking new Christmas tunes like this one from her.

Yesterday morning, Sanna popped in to TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon studios to perform the new single for television viewers. And so you can watch it below. She also sang ‘Auld Lang Syne‘.



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