Ooooh. Hot on the heels of Elin Lanto’s ‘Discotheque’ honouring UK music tv channels with a regal visit of multiple plays, fellow scandipoppet Agnes has had her fantastic song from last year ‘On And On’ played on UK channel TMF! Not only that, but it’s been labelled as a ‘Hot New Video’. So hopefully, a launch in the UK is deservedly imminent. We mentioned last year when we reviewed her album ( that Agnes’ team had made the admirable move of making her music available on the UK iTunes. That meant that scandipop fans who didn’t want to download illegally could purchase the music and rightfully give to the artist. Most other acts don’t give fans that option – which, with the internet being the uncontrollable force it is these days, isn’t really the best of moves. Many fans will search high and low for the music and when they realise it’s not available for sale in their country, will have to resort to obtaining it from illegal sources – which is very easy to do.


Some labels would argue that they are holding it back for a proper launch in the UK, and that they don’t want trickling sales from its international release date until its UK release to affect its sales when it eventually is released in the UK, and thus, chart positions, impact etc. But we say that the fans of an international act are going to obtain the music illegally anyway if they can’t get it legally.



With Agnes, it has also proven to be a good move to make it available on UK iTunes straight away because now when the UK viewer sees ‘On And On’ on TMF, and searches for the song later in the evening, it’s available for them to buy with great ease, on what will probably be the first online store they look at. Heaven knows how much of an impact ‘On And On’ is going to make in the UK. We just think that it’s rather heartening to see the video on UK channels simultaneously with it being available to buy on UK iTunes.

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