A ickle bit of news about what we’re up to at scandipop.co.uk


The Scandipop show is BACK on UK television after a Christmas and New Year break. It’ll return to Dance Nation TV (Sky channel 376) next Friday, February 3rd. It’ll return to its previous weekly slots of Fridays at 10am, and Saturdays at 4pm. However, on Monday evening it’s been moved from midnight to the much more palatable time slot of 9pm.

Watch the trailer for the show.


We’ve just pumped lots of new tracks into rotation on our online radio station, which can be listened to 24/7 right here.

Our online hosts We7 have told us it’s been immensely popular, and they’re putting the station as a featured channel on their website and app. The app, by the way, is free to download, so you can now listen to Scandipop Radio ‘on the move’ – by downloading it from here.

For the occasion, We7 have also interviewed the creator of this website, about….(what else?!)….Scandinavian pop music. Readable over at their blog. And they’ve also asked us to put together a smaller playlist to serve as an introduction to Scandipop – for those not familiar with this site or all of those sounds we write about. You can check that out here.


As always, our online music store is frequently stocked with more additions of new and old releases. Have a browse here. And on top of that, we’ll now be starting to sell some official Eric Saade merchandise – as of next week.


Ooooh – one final thing. If you like chatting about Scandinavian pop online – or just reading comments from other people chatting about it – you can request to join our online Facebook forum. ‘Tis here.

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