Second Time Lucky


Now HERE’S  a comeback we were waiting for!


Anyone remember Lucky Twice? They made 2006 a lot easier for everyone; by releasing one of the most infectious pop gems of the decade – ‘Lucky’. It wasn’t just a catchy tune; it was one of those songs that once you hear it, you literally never forget. And who’d want to?! It gave them a massive number one summer hit in Spain, and earned them a following around most of mainland Europe. Bizarrely, one of the countries they actually didn’t have much success in, was their native Sweden. But thankfully ‘Lucky’ wasn’t a one-off fluke, and they ended up releasing an album of pop nuggets, each one dripping with sugary hooks. ‘Shake Like A Freak’ and ‘The Lucky Twice Song’ were two of our absolute favourites, and have both received spins at the scandipop events in London. Incidentally, they actually even came to London to promote the (eventually cancelled) UK release of ‘Lucky’, and they performed at G-A-Y supporting Booty Luv.

Anyway, they’ve returned armed with a brand new single produced by September and Gathania hitmaker, Jonas Von Der Burg. It’s called ‘Love Song’, and we were sent an mp3 of it today, which we haven’t yet been able to stop playing. The Jonas Von Der Burg connection is very much present. It’s obviously a Lucky Twice track – we can’t imagine it being sung by anybody else – but an evolvement is still evident. It’s just as catchy as the stuff they were making for their first album though. And a second album will follow later, which excites us no end.

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