Last night September kicked off her national tour around Sweden, at Berns in Stockholm. Naturally we were there, and here’s what went down;

The lady herself performed a SEVENTEEN song set! Amazing. And amongst the seventeen songs, she made sure to include material that suited everyone. From her fans in the olden days (‘We Can Do It’, ‘Satellites’ etc), to those who enjoyed her brief renaissance as a UK clubland Queen (the UK arrangements of ‘Cry For You’ and ‘Can’t Get Over’), to the followers she picked up on the Så Mycket Bättre TV show (‘Kärlekens Tunga’, ‘Vem Ska Jag Tro På’), to the popular Swedish club diva reinvention she’s just had (‘Mikrofonkåt’, ‘Baksmälla’), and right through to those who are loving her new album ‘Love CPR’ (‘Hands Up’, ‘Party In My Head’ etc). Definitely something for all in attendance, and even more for those in the crowd that love all five of those September phases (us!).

She was a bundle of energy throughout, only taking three small breaks that barely lasted a minute each. And she mixed up her performances by including up to six dancers for some of the songs, and participating in the heavy choreography herself. And we didn’t hear her gasp for breath once!

Musically, she was backed by a live band, with a live DJ to mix in some synths. Nothing was pre-recorded, which for a dance orientated artist, is quite impressive – especially since none of her great sound was compromised as a result. The biggest reaction of the night was for ‘Mikrofonkåt’ of course, followed by ‘Baksmälla’, when Petter joined her on stage for the performance. Petter posted some footage from their performance on his blog here.


Hands Up
Party In My Head
Baksmälla (ft Petter)
La La La (Never Give It Up)

Can’t Get Over
Looking For Love
We Can Do It
Until I Die

Flowers On The Grave
Because I Love You (candlelight version)
Vem Ska Jag Tro På
Resuscitate Me
Cry For You

Kärlekens Tunga

Photos, courtesy of Aftonbladet, Expressen, and Gaffet.

September uploaded some footage from the gig to her youtube channel today, which you can see below;

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