Many fans were disappointed by the news that the ‘new’ September single in the UK is to be ‘Until I Die’, a track from her last Swedish album, which was released over 2 years ago. But many more were delighted that their favourite September track was finally going to be heard and enjoyed in the UK, getting the recognition it deserved! The announcement that ‘Until I Die’ was to recieve a new UK radio edit appeased the former, but upset the latter! Sometimes, you just can’t win!

Well, we heard the UK radio edit last week and then the whole remix package this morning. And there should be something in there to please everyone.

The new radio edit stays VERY true to the original. Nothing has really been added, and it feels like nothing has been taken away either, even though the running time is a tad shorter. There’s a bit more ‘oomph’ in the synths behind the chorus, and it goes a little bit crazy at the end of the middle eight and start of the final chorus (it’s ALWAYS good to go crazy at that point in a song). The bells are still in there too thankfully, we do love those bells.

As for the remixes, well we were a bit disappointed. The only one we liked was The Real Booty Babes Trance mix – it turns the song into a Clubland trance track, which wouldn’t be good if it was the main edit (that’s just not September’s ‘sound’), but it’s really great as a side remix – the best one on the package. We were expecting big things from the Dave Ramone Remix, because his remix of ‘Can’t Get Over’ is our favourite version of that song. But it just sounds like a stripped down version of the original – as though he’s muted everything that was good about the song. The Feed Me Remix isn’t to our tastes at all, but that’s because it’s a totally different genre of dance – there are probably a lot of people out there that like that sort of thing. Finally, the Jason Nevins Remix was another disappointment. We normally LOVE Jason’s remixes (he really knows how to turn a mediocre rock song into a great club track), but his remix of ‘Until I Die’ sounds like he’s literally copied September’s top line vocal, onto some old instrumental he had lying around. It just doesn’t fit the song at all, it doesn’t support the melodies of either the verse or the chorus – in fact it grates against them.

‘Until I Die’ comes out on Hard2Beat in July, and you’ll be able to hear the new radio edit at from 5pm today. We’re hoping it’s going to be another top 10 smash for her – it really does deserve to be.

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