September’s ‘Love CPR’……’My Emergency’

Today’s taste of September’s ‘Love CPR’ is the sublime and extra special ‘My Emergency’ – one of our big favourites on the record. Jaakko Salovaara and Patric Sarin also produced ‘Heat Rising’, and these are the two songs that we’ve enjoyed the most from September, outside of her usual Von Der Burg collaborations.

Music: Patric Sarin, Petra Marklund, Jaakko Salovaara
Lyrics: Petra Marklund, Christian Fast, Didrik Thott
Production: Jaakko Salovaara, Patric Sarin

[audio:|titles=11 My Emergency_clip]

You can listen to earlier album clips here, read our full track by track review of the album here. And you can pre-order ‘Love CPR’ at September’s website here.

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