September’s ‘Love CPR’……’Ricochet’

Today’s ‘Love CPR’ preview is something a little different to everything else on the album. ‘Ricochet’ is still dance, but with a more electropop edge to it. Having said that, it’s kept in line with the rest of the record by containing that trademark element of September’s music – the hard hitting chorus! As we said in our earlier review of the album, we can imagine this being one of the favourites for a lot of people, as it’s got a popular and current sound to it. Although at the other end of the spectrum will be the September fans who might miss her usual style of dance. We like it a lot though.

Written by: Christian Fast, Petra Marklund, Didrik Thott, Sebastian Thott
Produced by: Didrik Thott, Sebastian Thott

[audio:|titles=07 Ricochet_clip]

You can listen to earlier album clips here, read our full track by track review of the album here. And you can pre-order ‘Love CPR’ at September’s website here.

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