More Alphabeat?! And this time with added BOUNCE! They’ve just released the remix package for their massive comeback hit ‘Shadows’.
How many new tunes do we get? Four mixes courtesy of Alphalove, F9, Until Dawn, and *peers over specs* Country Club Martini Club.
What are they like? Ooof, they’re all pretty ace in their own way. Our personal faves though are the BANG of the F9 mix and the 80s-esque glamour of the Until Dawn mix
More from them?? Below, you can watch the first televised live performance of ‘Shadows’ – on X Factor Denmark. The sheer glee they exude is utterly infectious. Also below, you can watch the music vid.
Welcome back to pop, Alphabeat! That’s Stine Bramsen (vocals), Anders SG (vocals), Anders Bønløkke (guitar/keys), Anders Reinholdt (bass), Troels Møller (drums) and Ramus Nagel (keys). And we love each and everyone of them for making the decision to return.

You can find ‘Shadows’ (F9 remix) on our Best New Dance playlist.

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