You may know by now that the lovely Sibel is gearing up for her second participation in Melodifestivalen. She’ll be performing ‘Stop’ in Heat 4 of this year’s contest. Her debut appearance was in 2008, where she reached the final of the competition with the beautiful ballad ‘That Is Where I’ll Go’. That was a good three years after she first became known to Swedes in 2005, when she took part in their Idol tv series (the same year that Agnes won it). She was a tad quiet up until ‘That Is Where I’ll Go’, but then after the contest unleashed her debut album, ‘The Diving Belle’. It was a thoroughly enjoyable album of melodious ballads and mid tempo numbers, and we were expecting, and looking forward to, the same sound carrying forward onto her participation this year, with ‘Stop’.

That was however, until we saw how she’s presenting herself these days!

SIBEL!!! You’re looking hot! That’s not the same girl we saw two year ago, is it?! And we’re hoping that her new musical style is being somewhat reflected in her new image. Beautiful!

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