Thank the pop heavens for SOJO!

In 2011 they’ve been proudly flying the flag for a very special brand of Swedish pop music. In fact, our favourite brand of Swedish pop music – the Jonas von der Burg brand.

Mr VDB has been FAR too quite recently for our liking. And only contributing 3 songs on the 19 track September album this year left us feeling parched of his productions. We can forgive him though as it’s because he’s been putting all of his time and effort into setting up this new record of his, 4 On The Floor – and writing and producing for its roster of artists. And of course the first artist out of the 4 On The Floor was indeed the SOJO siblings.

Readers of will already be familiar with their first summer hit of a single, ‘I Remember‘. And while that song is still very much in the early stages of its journey internationally – their native Scandinavia is very much ready for the second single.

That second single is ‘Jumping Jam’. Produced by Jonas von der Burg, and written by Jonas along with Niklas von der Burg and Anoo Bhagavan. It’s an ode to the escapism of the dancefloor. Where one soul laments the tragedy of their life, their history, and their relationships, and longs to be taken to a place where the beat is thumping, the sound system is pumping, and the jam is indeed jumping. As if to emphasize the importance of clubland in the lyrics, Jonas has taken the sound of SOJO that little bit harder. If ‘I Remember’ was the summer evening frolic at the beach party, ‘Jumping Jam’ is where the more hardcore beach revelers have taken the party to the local club and are determined to continue dancing until the sun comes up!

On top of this newer sound on the production, we’ve also been pleasantly surprised by Johan’s vocal on the track. It’s him who takes on the heart-wrenchery of the first and second verses. And he does a fantastic job of capturing the emotion of the lyrics he’s been given. We believed every word. We felt for the heart broken chap!

But enough about OUR thoughts on it. You’ll no doubt want to make your mind up about it. And as it just so happens, SOJO and 4 On The Floor have been generous enough to allow us to stream a clip of ‘Jumping Jam’.

Have a listen;

[audio:|titles=01 Jumping Jam Clip2]

We wanna be where the jam is jumping too now. Preferably if this is playing!

And that’s that. The full thing will be online soon. But should you wish to give them some feedback based on the clip, you can ‘connect’ with SOJO at their Facebook and Twitter pages, and with 4 On The Floor at their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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