What’s this? It’s the return of Swedish artist Albin Johnsén, and his brand-new single ‘Kanske Nästa Sommar’.
What’s he sounding like these days? Better than ever, we hasten to assume on the strength of one song! ‘Kanske Nästa Sommar’ finds Albin go down the route of dreamy, yet pulsating synthpop. And that chorus is so good, that he evidently decided to sing it twice each time. There’s talent in following a hunch like that.
Written by? Albin himself along with Matte Andréasson and Gino Yonan.
More from Albin? Last year he released ‘Hjärtan Av Guld‘.

You can find ‘Kanske Nästa Sommar’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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