It’s…it’s been a while. Five whole years. Half a decade since we last heard from Alina Devecerski. But now the Swedish artist is back with a brand new single. ‘Ingen Jävel’.
What does that mean? No fucker. No bsstard. No *insert swear word of your choice*. Basically, she’s back and she ain’t here to be fucked around with.
What’s it like? Well as to be expected from a five year gap in releases – it sounds like nothing she’s done before. If anything, it’s more pop, more radio, more commercial. Specifically, it sounds a lot like what Norwegian producers Stargate were making for the likes of Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Rihanna and Jordin Sparks about 12 years ago. Whether it’s a deliberate throwback or a complete accident, we don’t know. But we love it.
Written by? Alina herself, along with Christoffer Vikberg.

You can find ‘Ingen Jävel’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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