What’s this? The return of Alphabeat has genuinely been one of the most joyful things to happen in 2019. And now today, they’ve released a cracking new mix of their latest single, ‘I Don’t Know What’s Cool Anymore’, by Initial Talk.
What’s the remix like? Initial Talk has gone meta, and made the song sound like it’s *actually* from ’85, as per the lyrics. And we love a self-aware pop song. Never before has being cool sounded less attractive – if these lot don’t know what it is, then keep us well away from it, we want no part of that shit. This. THIS is where we belong.
What do Alphabeat say about this return? “We have never felt stronger as a band – and as friends. There is so much renewed energy, lust, wildness, friendship, words and melodies we need to get out and when listening to our forthcoming album I think one can clearly sense what fellowship we have together.”
More from Alphabeat? Their new album arrives on November 1st, but today, they’ve also released another two remixes, by Faustix and Alphalove. Check out the remix EP.

You can find ‘I Don’t Know What’s Cool Anymore’ (Initial Talk mix) on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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