Loving this comeback! ‘Vice’ is legit one of our favourite songs of the year so far. And ‘Broken Melody’ was awesome as well. And you can check out both songs right here if you’ve yet to. Now Anna Bergendahl is back with a brand new single – ‘We Were Never Meant To Be Heroes’. And somewhat incredibly, it’s JUST as fab as ‘Vice’.
What does Anna say? “We can travel in space, make sick hearts beat, we’ve created weapons that can destroy earth in an instant, we’ve even solved the algorithm for time travel. This song is about the grandeur of humanity and our false belief that we’re bigger than everything.”
Written by? The same trio behind the first two singles – Anna Bergendahl, David Lindgren Zacharias, and Anders Petterson.
More from Anna? Actually yeah! Today she also releases an EP of the same name, featuring the three singles plus two brand new songs. We reached out to Anna and asked her how the huge response to ‘Vice’ (it’s started to make dents on the Svensktoppen radio chart) has felt or her, and about the fact that she’s finally out with a new collection of tunes. “It has been absolutely amazing and it has exceeded all of my expectations! It feels so good to be back and to feel the support from my listeners. I’m very proud over the new EP. It makes me feel like I’ve finally come home musically. Can’t wait to share it with you all!”

You can find ‘We Were Never Meant To Be Heroes’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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