What’s this? Swedish producer Michael Casado has once again put his magic touch into mastering the fine art of the mash-up.
What’s been mashed-up and how? Avicii & Rita Ora’s ‘Lonely Together’ gets placed over the production of the brilliant ‘All This Time’, by Swedish group MOMENT.
‘All This Time’ is a magnificent piece of music. But how I miss Rasmus Viberg’s vocals here!!! Fret not. For Michael has also put together another mash-up: featuring the vocals of ‘All This Time’ over the backing track of a David Guetta & Sia track. May we present to you – ‘Bang This Time‘.
This is all very tremendous. The mash-up really is one of the finest art forms ever, and we’re glad that Michael Casado is fulfilling the role of the absolute master of the genre. More of his creations right here.

All This Together (Michael Casado Mashup)

Here we go! New mashup ? Avicii feat. Rita Ora Vs MOMENT ?

Publicerat av Michael Casado Tisdag 16 oktober 2018

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